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What is vein Sclerotherapy?

  • Injection of medication inside the vein to damage the inner vein wall

  • Medication may be injected in liquid form or may combined  with CO2 or obtained from a commercial cannister.


Does it work?

  • 1 or more treatments  may be needed.

What is the medication used?

  • There are several types of sclerosing medications used

  • Each medication has its strengths and weaknesses

  • Treatment and medication recommendations are personalized for each patient. Book a FREE Spider Vein Screening to Learn More.

What are potential complications?

  • Temporary bruising

  • Temporary or permanent vein color changes

  • Inflammation of vein after closure (thrombophlebitis)

  • Allergic reaction to the medication

  • Medication effects on deeper veins


What is the recovery period?

  • Same day recovery

  • Daily compression therapy is recommended during the recovery period

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